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Why To Attend ?

Inspirational Keynote Speakers

Get inspired by renowned entrepreneurs, industry disruptors, and thought leaders who will share their triumphs, failures, and the lessons they've learned along the way

Networking Galore

Connect with like-minded individuals, potential co-founders, investors, and mentors during our tailored networking sessions and vibrant after-parties.

Pitch Your Startup

Showcase your venture to a diverse audience and a panel of esteemed judges in our high-energy startup pitch competition.

Investor Meet-ups

Engage in exclusive one-on-one meetings with investors seeking groundbreaking startup opportunities.

Excellence Awards

Providing an excellent space and venue where various startup recognize and receive awards Infront of investors and dignitaries.

Conference Topics

Award Categories

Best Overall Startup

Recognizing the most outstanding start-up with exceptional performance, growth potential, and innovation.

Most Innovative Product/Service

Honoring the start-up that has introduced the most groundbreaking and innovative product or service.

Social Impact Award

Celebrating a start-up that has demonstrated significant positive social or environmental impact.

Rising Star Award

Recognizing a promising start-up with remarkable potential and early success.

Founder of the Year

Honoring an exceptional founder who has shown outstanding leadership and vision.

Tech Pioneer Award

Celebrating a start-up that is at the forefront of technology and driving significant advancements in their industry.

Best Female-led Startup

Recognizing a start-up with a female founder or co-founder that has shown remarkable achievements and leadership.

Healthcare Innovation Award

Honoring a start-up that has made significant contributions to healthcare or medical technology.

Best Fintech start up

Celebrating a start-up that is revolutionizing the financial technology landscape.

Sustainable Startup of the Year

Recognizing a start-up that has demonstrated a commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

Education Startup Excellence

Honoring a start-up that is making a significant impact in the education sector.

E-commerce Startup of the Year

Celebrating a start-up that has excelled in the e-commerce industry.

Best Customer Experience

Recognizing a start-up that goes above and beyond in delivering an exceptional customer experience.

AI/ML Innovation Award

Honoring a start-up that is leveraging AI or machine learning to create innovative solutions.

Clean Energy Startup

Celebrating a start-up that is driving advancements in clean and renewable energy.

GreenTech Startup

Honoring a start-up that is working towards sustainable and eco-friendly technologies.

Blockchain Innovation Award

Recognizing a start-up that is harnessing the power of blockchain technology for significant impact.

Startup for Good

Honoring a start-up that is using its business model to create positive social change and give back to the community.